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When a Designer is Taking Care of Customer Support

People behind numbers

I graduated from a design school in Paris. And like all design schools, teachers give us a lot of courses on empathy in design. We drew empathy maps, done a lot of user research and tried as much as we can to put ourselves in the user’s shoes.

But in a startup, we have to push a new version of the app every week. Even if we always start from a user need, my job is focused on goals I have to reach and metrics I have to increase. We measure our impact on numbers, and numbers make users abstracts.

Talking with users every day makes them real. After a few minutes sending support emails, I discovered stories and real user’s problem behind numbers. It gave me some fresh air and helped me keep in mind that I first design for people, in a business-driven company.

We had a drop in our funnel because some garage addresses were wrong. A user reported to me that he has been struggling for 15 minutes to find a garage, which made him arrive late to his appointment and pay much more for another garage. There, I realized it wasn’t just about numbers.

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