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Is Logo Making An Art or Just Business?

The art of logo making is profoundly one of the most creative and intuitive talents bestowed upon us. The internet is completely baffled with a gazillion articles and links leading to various websites who have designers on a daily basis, developing new and creative logos and representational images for a number of organizations. What remains puzzling is the fact that art integrated in a logo or image has only been available to boost a brand or business – all for money. No matter where you turn a new image, abstract or original, is constantly making way for a new or existing organization.

The question remains whether the fine line between art and logo making still exists or has it truly been run down by stereotypical exchange for money, pride and fame?

The Designers Attribute

Every designer after developing a successful image for an organization may look back at billboards or banners and have that sense of pride of being able to create a communicative image, but is he or she truly happy by the utilization of their creation. True the ownership rights are transferred for logos, but has business truly trampled art? For most designers (and I do not speak on their behalf) it seems as though money would be the only goal at the end of the month or week or day. That could be the sole reason for the fading of natural art. Most startups or existing companies look forward to a trendy and extremely corresponsive logo so that they have ample conversions on potential clientele by logo making. In a nutshell the terms and conditions for each design house or individual designers are a bit different than the others for the sake of image utilization, but in the past (and I mean the times of Michael Angelo & Da Vinci) art was immediate, impulsive as good as a reflex for the talented hands. The trend of developing logos for companies has most definitely hotwired the designers mind to perform accordingly, instead of being creative, that which disables the intuition and genuine ideologies which would lead to contemporary art.

The Conclusion

A perception nevertheless it may be but when you train your body in the gym it’s either to lose weight, become lean and ripped or just huge. The focus would be on the right diet and intake every second of the 24 hour day. In the same context, for a designer, each industry has not a lot to offer, it’s either becoming monotonous or a mere repetition of what we have already seen either on the internet or T.V. Logo Making seems consistent in commercializing art, rather than acknowledging raw talent and preserving what is genuine, intuitive and not to forget creative.

Source by Shelly Morrison

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