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Why Color Schemes are Essential

It takes time to create the perfect color palette. The importance of color combos is more important than you think. Of course every color evokes some feelings, but that’s not all. Certain types of colors may put in the spotlight event the simplest and boring illustration.

An essential unwritten rule for designers is not to have favourite colour combinations. Why? Well, it makes sense when you see it this way. The reason behind this is that designers tend to use over and over again the same mixes that they’re used to. Sometimes, they don’t explore more and go into the safe zone.

For some designers, people’s opinion are more important that the artwork itself. The fear that a particular mix may ruin their design style or people would not like it’s the designer’s recipe for disaster.

In other words, you want your color scheme to be on point and nicely complete your design.

We recommend that once in a while make some time to reseach new color mix ideas and anything that stimulates your artistic soul. Find your time for inspiration and and discipline yourself into this kind of activity. Save your favorite color schemes and appy them to your next project.

Get inspired from the following artworks made by well-known isometric designers. Unexpectedly, you’ll see strange blends that you never thought it will work together but they grab attention. Because this type of illustration can be very detailed, we’ll only show you the main shades used. Make sure to emphasize and build around these color palletes.

Next, you can create your own designs, having the best inspiration.

Here are some approaches that we think will work well in almost any project: